4″ Boiler Stop & Check (Angle): Crane 30E Non-Return Valve, 250#


For installation between boilers supplying the same steam header, and positioned with pressure under the disc. Straightway is for horizontal or vertical line with upward flow. Angle valves are for “horizontal-downward” or “upward-horizontal” flow.

These valves will perform the four following important functions:

  1. Act as an automatic-non return valve applied as a containment device to prevent gross backflow of steam from main header to boiler in case the boiler fails.
  2. Assist in cutting out boiler, when ceasing to fire. In this case, valve disc automatically
    closes to restrict backflow of steam to the boiler.
  3. Assist in returning boiler after a shutdown.
  4. Restricts backflow of steam from header into boiler which has been shut down and
    accidentally opened. The check valve feature should not be relied upon for primary

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