Portable Chiller Rental

Power Mechanical stocks portable rental chillers to provide supplemental, temporary and emergency cooling to customers around the globe.
Chiller Rental

The highest quality at the lowest temperatures.

Power Mechanical stocks a large quantity of rental cooling equipment to provide reliable, fast and easy to use solutions to customers in need. Our rental HVAC fleet is modularly configured for applications from 10 tons to 5,000 tons.

Features & Benefits

Industries Served

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Chemical plants
  • Utility companies
  • Comfort cooling


30 ton portable rental chiller

30 Ton Rental Chiller

360,000 BTUs/Hr
36-108 GPM
​(2) Compressors
50 ton portable rental chiller

50 Ton Rental Chiller

600,000 BTUs/Hr
​60-180 GPM
​(4) Compressors
100 ton portable rental chiller

100 Ton Rental Chiller

1,200,000 BTUs/Hr
​120-360 GPM ​
(2) 50T Compressors
200 ton Trane rental chiller

200 Ton Rental Chiller

2,400,000 BTUs/Hr ​
240-720 GPM ​
(2) 100T Compressors
400 ton Trane RTAA rental chillers

400 Ton Rental Chiller

4,800,000 BTUs/Hr
​480-1,440 GPM ​
(4) 100T Compressors
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