Rental Pumps & Hydronic Systems

Power Mechanical stocks high pressure and high flow pumps for rental.

Our rental pump inventory is designed to tackle any job – big or small. Our line of feedwater pumps can get your deaerator back online after a pump failure, regardless of whether you have a small low pressure boiler or a 150,000 lb/hr superheat boiler. Our circulating pumps will move high temperature hot water or freezing glycol.
Any flow, any temperature, any pressure… we can help.

Steam, hot water and chilled water distribution systems for rental.


Medium Pressure Feed Pumps

Flow: 10 – 300 GPM
Pressure: 15 – 450 PSI

High Pressure Feed Pumps

Flow: 10 – 300 GPM
Pressure: 500 – 1,600 PSI

Hot Water Circulating Pumps

Flow: 10 – 5,600 GPM
Temperature: 150°F – 450°F

Chilled Water Circulating Pumps

Flow: 100 – 5,000 GPM
Temperature: -20°F – 105°F

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