Boiler Installation

Power Mechanical provides boiler installation services in Virginia.

We offer turnkey management boiler plant construction projects. Our broad range of services allows facilities to utilize one vendor for total project management. Our 32 years of boiler installation experience gives us the knowledge and resources to handle the whole project from engineering to commissioning. 

Reliable boiler installation services are a critical need when your boiler breaks down. If your commercial boiler is failing, you’ve probably noticed signs. You may have seen that your boiler leaks, needs frequent repairs, is noisier than it used to be, or it just doesn’t perform its job as it used to. As boilers age, they also lose efficiency, which can lead to a multitude of problems for businesses.

You don’t have to put up with a boiler that isn’t up to the task. In fact, you shouldn’t put up with a boiler that isn’t doing its job anymore. Boilers need to be maintained, repaired, tuned up and replaced when the time comes. Failure to maintain an important system like your commercial boiler could lead to a lot of pain and difficulty over time. Don’t let that happen to you.

At Power Mechanical, we can help. With 32 years of boiler installation experience, we have the knowledge and experience to handle the whole project from engineering to commissioning.

Commercial Boiler Installation

At Power Mechanical, we install commercial boilers that last. Our dedicated installation and service professionals are highly trained to perform high-efficiency boiler installation on a variety of different boiler models and types. Regardless of the type of commercial facility you own, we can help you find a proper boiler for your needs. We perform quality installations and provide boiler service. We also warranty our work. Customer satisfaction and energy efficiency is our top priority.

Power Mechanical is your source for turnkey commercial boiler installation. Need a boiler manufactured? We can do that; we own a boiler manufacturing company for clients who need highly customized solutions and can provide auxiliary systems like boiler feed systems, deaerators, valves, and more.

Vertically Integrated Boiler Plant Construction

From start to finish, our boiler installation process is seamlessly integrated into your existing scenario.

York-Shipley boiler installation

Boiler Equipment Procurement and Assembly

Power Mechanical can leverage a deep inventory of new, refurbished and rental boilers to slash lead times on your boiler plant construction project.

We’ll acquire or build your boiler equipment according to your business’s unique needs. We can offer new or used equipment from your preferred brand, whether it is York-Shipley, Cleaver-Brooks, Hurst, Superior, or any other brand of industrial or commercial boiler. ​

Want a custom boiler plant? No problem. We own a boiler manufacturing company. Need auxiliary systems like boiler feed systems, deaerators, valves, stacks, chemical injection skids and blowdown separators? No sweat! We can manufacture these systems for you, or reach out to our network of trusted brands.

boiler craning and rigging

Boiler Craning & Rigging

We are vertically integrated to offer in-house craning and rigging services on all of our construction projects.

Unlike some other boiler installers, we don’t rely on outside contractors for boiler installation. We’ve invested in certified professionals and have all the capability and experience to handle this project in-house.

Our inventory of rigging products includes 150 tons of craning capacity, 12 heavy haul semi-trucks, 100 tons of forklift capacity and a huge inventory of spreader bars and rigging equipment.

Why did we invest in all of this equipment? Because we can now offer lower pricing on turnkey solutions and take total control of your project’s timeline. Faster, cheaper and better… sounds nice doesn’t it?

ASME code spool

Pipe Fabrication & Installation

Building a system in a controlled environment results in faster production and higher quality.

That is why in 2015 we invested in a pre-fabrication shop for our piping systems. Our pre-fab shop is equipped with all of the tools necessary to efficiently build a modular piping system. This results in faster lead times, lower costs and higher quality products for our customers.

If your project requires certified piping, we are ASME accredited to manufacture code rated spool pieces, power piping, and many other types of specialized piping systems.

fireye nexus boiler controls


Your new boiler has arrived. It has been craned in to place. All of the piping is connected. Now what?

If you are using a generic mechanical contractor, the next step is to wait for another vendor to commission the system.

Most other mechanical contractors cannot commission systems. When working with these professionals, you have to wait for another vendor to commission your system after installation.

At Power Mechanical, we handle all the steps of your boiler installation in-house, including the commissioning. We employ project managers, crane operators, piping specialists, and boiler technicians that work together to ensure that your system is fully functional and fully commissioned without delays.

When you partner with Power Mechanical, there are no other vendors. Our project managers communicate with our crane operators who communicate with our piping specialists who have already told our boiler technicians when your boiler needs commissioning. The next step is to sit back, relax, and watch your new boiler make steam.

Does Your Company Need Boiler Replacement?

Knowing the warning signs that you need boiler replacement can help you decide when it’s time for boiler installation.

Boiler Efficiency

Just like other types of furnaces, air conditioning units, and HVAC heating systems, boilers tend to lose efficiency when they age. Even when functioning perfectly, older boilers are less efficient than modern boilers. Lack of efficiency costs property owners money on a monthly basis.

Boiler Age

Condensing boiler systems only last about 15 years (1), while cast iron boilers last about 30 (2). If your boiler is reaching the end of its expected service life, you could be running the risk that your boiler system will eventually stop working.

What Types of Boilers Are Available?

The professionals at Power Mechanical install several types of boilers. We’ll help you decide which type is right for you.

York-Shipley boiler installation

Mobile Boiler Room

A mobile boiler room is a transportable container that houses the components of a mini steam boiler. The trailer includes all the equipment and hook-ups to heat your commercial building. Mobile boiler rooms have many advantages, but the primary benefit of this type of boiler is that it arrives nearly ready to use, and requires no special foundation.

60,000 PPH rental Boiler

Steam Boiler

A steam boiler is a heating system that creates energy by heating water to produce steam. Steam boilers are used to heat businesses, offices, and hospitals. Steam boilers can use a variety of different fuels. The type of fuel your steam boiler will use depends on the model – talk to your installer from Power Mechanical to learn more about the type of boiler recommended for your property.

Boiler room with industrial boiler and burners

Combi Boiler

A combination boiler, also called a “combi boiler” is a space heater and hot water heater in one. These boilers can be found in homes as well as commercial buildings. Combi boilers are used to heat space and hot water during cold weather months and are used only to heat hot water the rest of the year. These boilers are desirable because they’re cost-effective to install and also tend to be cost-effective to maintain.

ASME code spool

Custom Boiler Systems

Do you have unique needs, where you need a customized boiler built and installed? The professionals at Power Mechanical can design and install a custom boiler system to meet your commercial property needs, no matter the scope.

We install new as well as used boilers. Tell us your budget and describe your needs, and we’ll recommend a boiler system for your commercial property.

What is the New Boiler Installation Process Like?

We’ll walk you through the new boiler installation process. It starts with the selection of a boiler system. The professionals at Power Mechanical will help you choose a boiler system that works for your commercial property. We’ll inspect your old boiler to decide which type of new boiler is best for you. Boilers can run on a variety of fuel types, including propane boiler, new gas boiler, electric boiler, oil boiler, and more. We don’t expect you to choose the boiler yourself – you’ll need help from a pro to find a high-efficiency heating system.

As we inspect your old boiler, we’ll also inspect all the parts of your HVAC system, including your thermostat, heat exchanger, radiators, flue, gas line, and more. We will do this to determine whether a boiler replacement truly is what you require.

Next comes our comprehensive installation service. We have forklift and craning services available. Our in-house commissioning ensures that your boiler installation project will proceed smoothly from start to finish.

How Much Does Boiler Installation Cost?

Boiler installation cost varies depending on the size of the system, whether your boiler is new or used, type of boiler unit, and whether your boiler is going to be maintained in-house, or if you’ll be paying for contracted services.

Upfront costs for the right boiler may vary, so we’ll help you decide which new system is right for you.

Why Choose Power Mechanical for Standard Boiler Installation?

There are many reasons to hire Power Mechanical for your boiler replacement. First, commercial boilers are all we do. We don’t service homeowners or residential properties – so we’re focused on your needs as a commercial property owner. Our 32+ years of experience working with industrial boilers gives us a unique advantage as a boiler installation company.

Second, we have an in-house boiler manufacturing plant. Our pre-fabrication shop lets us build piping systems, so we can create a custom boiler system for you. We offer both used and new boilers. Additionally, our entire installation process is handled in-house. There’s no need to wait on vendors.

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