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For over 3o years, we have woken up every morning with one thing on our mind: boilers.

We’ve serviced, repaired, owned and operated just about every brand and model of industrial boiler on the market. Working on thousands of boilers can provide some really good insight on each unique model’s pros and cons. Now we are sharing this information so that end-users can make the most informed decision possible when evaluating a new or used boiler for their facility. Below we list our top 3 boiler manufacturers. How did we rank them? We used four major categories that most boiler owners find to be important.

Quality & Safety

  • How do your boilers perform in less than ideal environments?
  • How does your boiler respond to thermal stress?
  • How many dangerous incidents did your boiler have this year?


  • How do your boilers stack up, dollar-for-dollar?
  • What is the overall cost of ownership?
  • How efficient is your boiler?
  • How thick are your tubesheets?

Customer Service

  • Do your customers have to jump through hoops to get technical support?
  • Is product literature available free of charge?
  • Do you have a stodgy rep network, or do customers have direct access to the factory?

Ease of Maintenance

  • Do your boilers require factory authorization to perform basic service?
  • How accessible are the tubes?
  • Are your parts proprietary, expensive and difficult to find?
York-Shipley boiler


Coming in at #1 on our list is York-Shipley. For over 100 years, York-Shipley has been a dominating factor in the industrial steam boiler market.
Cleaver-Brooks boiler


In a close second place, #2 on our 2017 top boiler manufacturer’s list is Cleaver-Brooks. Cleaver-Brooks has been considered a premier boiler manufacturer for decades.
Hurst Boiler & Welding boiler


Hurst Boiler & welding Co.
In the #3 spot this year is Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. We have always been a fan of Hurst’s simple firetube boiler design.
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