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At Power Mechanical, we are huge fans of York-Shipley boilers. Founded over 100 years ago, York-Shipley is a dominant presence in American boiler manufacturing. With over 10,000 York-Shipley products installed in plants all over the world, it’s clear that the product line has a reputation for reliability and high quality.

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York-Shipley Boiler Models

Dryback Boilers

The York-Shipley Dryback boiler has been a staple of boiler rooms all over the world since the early 1900s. With over 10,000 of these boilers in service, it’s hard to dispute their durability. The York-Shipley dryback boiler is built on the concept of center-firing, where the furnace is placed in direct center of the pressure vessel. This furnace location provides an increased level of water circulation, which leads to a more balanced thermal distribution in the vessel. Why does this matter? Less thermal shock, Less cracked tube sheets, and less furnace failures due to scaling. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

3-Pass Wetback

The York-Shipley 3-Pass Wetback model of firetube boiler is built with an offset furnace and large combustion chamber. The wetback design reduces the amount of refractory in the boiler, providing additional opportunity for heat to be transferred to the boiler’s stored water. Like all York-Shipley boilers, the 3-pass wetback can be configured with any choice of burner. Webster, Powerflame, Limpsfield, Oilon… you name it.

YS-R Mobile Boilers

York-Shipley’s YS-R series of low-profile boilers has been a game changer for the boiler rental industry. By utilizing X-ID enhanced surface tube technology, the YS-r provides incredibly high levels of steam production with greatly reduced shell diameters. The YS-R 650 is a 650 HP boiler, guaranteed to make full rate at high efficiency with 99.5% pure steam quality, yet it has the same footprint of a comparable 350 HP. 85% increase in power, 0% increase in shell diameter.


Power Mechanical stocks a multi-million dollar inventory of current and obsolete York-Shipley parts to serve our valued customers around the world. We stock all York-Shipley components from obsolete blower wheels, to FV-series burner orifice rings, to gasket kits and fan wheels.

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