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PMI vs PMI: 2022 Toys for Tots Challenge

| Ericka
When we’re not building boilers or delivering your next mobile boiler room, the troops at PMI are looking for more ways to serve.  Did you know that the 2022 holiday season marks the 75th anniversary of the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program? This program has delivered hope and the magic of the Christmas […]

How Does a Fire Tube Boiler Work & What Does it Do?

| Edward McKellar
The commercial boiler used in your facilities provides various functions. It may provide hot water or steam for workstations, processes, HVAC, heating systems, and other applications. Without the boiler, you will not have the hot water or steam needed on demand. Unfortunately, you are now dealing with hot water issues. Maintenance and repairs on the […]

Industrial Electric Boilers

| Edward McKellar
30 years ago an all-electric car would only be commonplace as a subject in a Popular Mechanics article, and highly unlikely to pass you out on the interstate. Today more than 20 million electric vehicles traverse the streets around the globe and the trend is expected to continue rising. Electricity has paved the way for […]

3 Steps to Cutting Fuel Costs in the Boiler Room

| Edward McKellar
As summer etches forward, the hot topic of the year continues to be these fuel prices. With vacations being put on hold and commuters rethinking their daily driving habits, more and more people are looking for ways to save fuel costs. In the boiler room, cutting down on fuel expenses has been a longstanding objective. […]

Boiler Room Combustion Air Requirements

| Edward McKellar
Spring is the time of year that many plants begin planning and conducting annual maintenance on installed boilers and burners. Boiler combustion tuning is important to keep boilers performing their best through the changes in seasons. All combustion relies on fuel, heat, and air. It’s not often realized that combustion is no more than just a chemical […]

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