Used Boilers For Sale

Power Mechanical’s used steam boilers are reconditioned so well,
you’ll swear they are new.

Our used boilers are not like the other guys’ used boilers

We choose from a huge inventory of good condition secondhand industrial boilers made by name brands like Cleaver Brooks, York Shipley and Hurst that are refurbished from the boiler’s stack to its base frame. Our boiler sizes have a wide range such as 60HP, 150HP, 350HP, 500HP and more.

We recondition each used boiler until it is ready to be installed and put into service. Every component on the boiler is disassembled, tested, repaired or replaced. Then the boiler is test fired to be sure that it is working just like a new boiler. 

Our factory certified boiler reconditioning team goes through a detailed process on each and every used boiler:

  • ​Burner motor and impeller balancing
  • Fireside & waterside cleaning
  • Boiler tube repair & replacement
  • Replacement of level controls, steam pressure & hot water temperature controls
  • ASME certified hydrostatic pressure test to 150% of design pressure
  • Boiler refractory repair & replacement
  • Insulation & sheet metal jacketing replacement
  • Automotive quality heat resistant boiler paint
  • Test firing
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Learn why Power Mechanical’s used boilers for sale are the best.

Used boilers from our boiler rebuild team
boiler tube replacement

Tubes & Pressure Vessel

When a used steam boiler repair is placed into the wrong hands, it can be a disaster waiting to happen. Improperly repaired pressure vessels can rupture and explode, causing catastrophic facility damage and loss of life. That is why we take extreme care to fully certify the boiler tubes and pressure vessel on every single boiler that comes through our shop. We hold all industry ASME approvals (A-stamp, S-stamp, PP-stamp, NB-stamp, R-stamp and VR-stamp) and have over 30 years of boiler pressure vessel repair and boiler tube replacement experience. You can count on us to provide a safe, reliable used boiler that will last for decades.

Insulation & Refractory

Insulation and refractory play the important role of trapping heat inside of a boiler, allowing each BTU to be transferred to valuable steam. Failing refractory means lots of wasted heat. Wasted heat = wasted fuel. Wasted fuel = wasted money. Our rebuilt boilers protect your fuel costs by fully rebuilding all refractory and insulation on each of our used boilers.

refurbished cleaver brooks boiler


Just because you’re buying a used boiler doesn’t mean it has to look used. Our boilers arrive at your facility looking like they just rolled off of the factory floor. Shell insulation is replaced and all new sheet metal jackets are installed by skilled technicians. We spray on two coats of the highest quality paint and visually inspect each unit for paint defects. If your new beauty gets a scratch on it during installation, don’t sweat it. We stock color matched touch up paint so you can keep your boiler looking perfect.

used boiler burner

Boiler Controls & Upgrades

We’ve noticed that each boiler operator has their own unique preference when it comes to boiler controls. Some like linkage systems for their reliability and ease of use, others demand parallel positioning for its accuracy. And then you start talking about brands. You’ve got the Honeywell RM7800, the Fireye E-110, Siemens LMV5, Cleaver-Brooks Hawk ICS, Honeywell Control Links, Fireye Nexus, Emerson Delta-V and so on. We love them all, know them all and are able to outfit your used boiler with the exact boiler management system you desire. Want something custom? Let’s do it. Pneumatic sootblower design and fabrication? Check. Oxygen trim retrofit? No problem. Integral burner low NOx and high elevation conversion? Love it. If it’s possible to install on a boiler, we’re ready to undertake the challenge.

used boiler export

Warranty & Shipment

You really get to know your vendor after a product ships. Will they answer the phone if a problem arises? We will. Do they have a multi-million dollar inventory of boiler parts in stock in case one is needed? We do. Our industry leading warranty plan lasts a minimum of 1 year and can be extended to up to 5 years. When your boiler is ready to ship, we can also take care of the logistics. Power Mechanical owns an extensive trucking fleet of 10 heavy-haul trucks and over 100 trailers. Whether it’s small, big, or really big, we can handle it for you. We can also load the boiler into a container for export, because we know a few things about putting boilers in shipping containers.
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