Power Mechanical sells lightly used chillers that are repaired,
tested and backed by a 1 year warranty.

Our used chillers are fully refurbished by certified technicians. The whole machine is disassembled, repaired, serviced, cleaned, painted and test ran at full capacity for hours. We check each component on the chiller to make sure you get a reliable machine that will operate trouble-free. You’re not just inheriting someone else’s problem.
You’re getting a certified and guaranteed chiller.

Used refurbished chiller on the back of a truck
used air cooled chillers

Used Air Cooled Chillers

Brands: Trane, York, Carrier
Models: RTAA, RTAC, CGA, YCA, 30RB, 30XA, 30GT, 30GX
Capacities: 20 – 500 tons
Voltages: 200V, 208/230V, 460V

Used water cooled chiller for sale

Used Water Cooled Chillers

Brands: Trane, York, Carrier, McQuay
Models: RTWA, RTWC, YCWS, 30HX
Capacities: 100 – 1,000 tons
Voltages: 208/230V, 460V

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Refurbished used air cooled chiller


Used Chiller condenser


On air cooled chiller, condensers play the critical role of efficiently removing heat from the refrigerant circuit. Large volumes of air are pulled through the condenser coils and discharged through the condenser fans. We chemically and mechanically clean all condenser coils, and conduct a full leak test on them to be sure no refrigerant is escaping. All condenser fan motors are rebuilt, bench tested and field tested as part of our refurbishment.
Used Chiller heat exchanger evaporator

Heat Exchanger

A chiller’s heat exchanger (also referred to as the evaporator or chiller barrel) removes heat from the water or glycol that is being cooled. We recover all refrigerant, pressure test the heat exchanger for leaks then pull a sub-500 micron vacuum in the refrigerant circuit to make sure all non-condensible gases are removed. The result? High efficiency and long lasting reliability.
Used Trane RTAA compressor


All compressors on our used chillers are rigorously tested. Compressors without flooded windings have their resistance tested using a megaohm-meter. Lip seals are serviced. Terminal seals are repaired. Unloading solenoids are repaired or replaced. Then they are tested against a heat load in our test facility.
Refurbished used Trane RTAA chiller


We know how important it is to receive a machine that looks as good as it functions. That’s why every chiller that leaves our facility receives a full coat of high quality paint. Damaged insulation is replaced with new. These machines arrive at your facility looking like they just rolled off of the factory floor.
Trane RTAA400 chiller


You really get to know your vendor after a product ships. Will they answer the phone if a problem arises? We will. Do they have a multi-million dollar inventory of parts in stock in case one is needed? We do. Our industry leading warranty plan lasts a minimum of 1 year and can be extended to up to 5 years.
Chiller transformer and cable


Your used chiller can be outfitted with a wide variety of accessory and support equipment. We offer all types of ancillary chiller plant accessories in both ship-loose and fully integrated configurations. Accessories include:

  • Chilled water pumps
  • Cam-lock and quick disconnect electrical connections
  • Disconnect switches
  • Low and high ambient conversions
  • ​Spare parts kits
  • Breakers & Molded case switches

Trane and Carrier chiller partsChiller chilled water pump

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