1″ NPT Quick Opening Blowdown Valve, Everlasting 4000-A, 200psi MAWP


Everlasting 4000-A Quick Opening Blowdown Valves

Self-Lapping Valve Features

Rotation of the disc produces an action that, in the process medium, renews and polishes the metal searing surfaces with each operation. This unique concept causes the Everlasting Valve to wear in with use, while all other valves are busy wearing out.

The self-lapping disc rotates as the center of the applied force and the centroid of friction force move toward alignment. High cycling is beneficial. Scratches that develop on the wide sealing surfaces are polished away as the valve is open and closed. There’s no other valve like it.

Principle of Operation

The actuator moves the stem and lever arm a quarter turn, which drives the disc. The entire sealing surface of the disc is constantly in contact with the seat or pad through force exerted by coiled springs. These springs allow the disc to move vertically.

This compensates for thermal expansion and contraction of the valve’s components, also overcoming the effect of any back pressure for which it was designed, and prevents particles from lodging between the sealing surfaces. Differences in tangential disc to seat friction forces cause the disc to rotate on its seat as the valve cycles, thereby shearing and wiping away any process material that may accumulate.

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