Burner Repair and Services

Power Mechanical services and repairs industrial boiler burners.

Our dedicated team of burner technicians are experienced in multiple burner designs including Powerflame, Cleaver-Brooks, Webster, Limpsfield, Faber, Industrial Combustion and many other leading brands. Whether you need a simple tune-up, or a complete burner retrofit, we have the knowledge and experience necessary
to keep your boiler’s burner running at peak efficiency.

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Comprehensive burner management services

Boiler burner fire

Combustion Tuning

Improper tuning of a boiler’s burner system can turn in to a very expensive and dangerous problem.

In the best case scenario, an improperly tuned burner just wastes thousands of dollars in fuel. But in the worst case scenario, a fuel-rich condition can develop and an explosion can occur. We take burner tuning very seriously. We employ some of the best trained burner technicians in the country and equip them with the tools needed to get the job done right. Give us a call to discuss your seasonal boiler tuning needs.
Siemens boiler control

Control Upgrades

If your burner is older than 15 years, there is a good chance that you are missing out on some great technology.

We offer burner control upgrade systems that use a variety of different processors. Regardless of your brand preference, we can design a new burner control panel to match your boiler plant’s needs. We are experienced in designing, building and installing Siemens LMV, Fireye Nexus, Autoflame, Honeywell ControlLinks, Cleaver-Brooks Hawk, Siemens Procidia and a wide variety of other boiler control systems. Want something custom? We can design a PLC burner management system to match your application.
Boiler gas train

Fuel Conversions

Power Mechanical offers packaged fuel conversion systems for all types of burners.

Whether you are looking to convert your boiler from coal to natural gas, add ultra-low-sulfur #2 oil as a backup fuel, or utilize a byproduct gas such as landfill gas, digester, or methane, we have the right system for you. We can offer parts-only, or a pre-assembled retrofit burner complete with custom controls. Want it installed? No problem.
Low emission boiler with grass

Low Emission Retrofits

Even if your boiler isn’t brand new, you can still go green!

We offer pre-fabricated low NOx conversion kits that attach right to your boiler. Or for larger applications, we offer skid-mounted selective catalytic reduction systems, both new and refurbished. Regardless of your budget, we can custom tailor an environmentally friendly solution for you.
Boiler efficiency chart

Efficiency Studies

Your boiler plant’s efficiency level is one metric that you want to stay on top of.

Wasting fuel with an inefficient burner can lead to losses in the millions of dollars over time. We can deploy an efficiency specialist to your plant to assess key areas of efficiency increase and offer a cost-effective solution to each problem. Whether you need to service your faulty steam traps, utilize o2 trim, or install an economizer to reclaim wasted heat, we can provide the knowledge, the products, and the manpower.
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