Rental Boilers & Mobile Boiler Rooms

A temporary rental boiler can be used to provide supplemental steam when a facility’s demand exceeds their steam production capability.

In an emergency shutdown, a mobile boiler can restore a facility to full steam capacity until the damaged boiler gets repaired or replaced. Regardless of why you may need a rental boiler, we can provide one to match your application.

​Power Mechanical has been a leading boiler rental company for nearly four decades. We have over 100 portable boilers in a wide variety of capacities and pressures available for shipment 24/7. A rental boiler from Power Mechanical is designed for fast, safe connection and can be paired with a variety of rental accessories to match your specific requirements.  Call us today at 1-866-455-0460 to schedule your rental today.

Types of Rental Boilers Available

​Equipment included: Pre-piped & wired Firetube Boiler, Deaerator, Blowdown separator, Water softener, Chemical injection, Fuel storage tank, Valve trim, Flue stack

Enclosure: Heated, insulated and lighted weatherproof shipping container with exterior connections

Capacities25 HP – 50 HP – 100 HP – 200 HP – 350 HP – 800 HP

Output: Low pressure steam, High pressure steam, Hot Water

Steam pressures: 15psi – 300psi

Fuels: Natural gas, #2 oil or Propane

​Equipment included: Watertube boiler, Packaged low NOx burner, Control system, Valve trim, Flue stack

: Outdoor rated boiler & burner assembly. Optional field erected enclosures available.

Capacities800 HP – 1000 HP – 60,000 PPH – 75,000 PPH

: Saturated steam, Superheated steam

Steam pressures
: 150psi – 750psi

: Natural gas, #2 oil or Propane

​Equipment included: Electric boiler, Control system, Valve trim

Enclosure: Skid mounted for indoor installation. Optional container enclosures available.

Capacities25 HP – 50 HP – 100 HP – 350 HP

Output: Low pressure steam, High pressure steam, Hot water, Domestic hot water

Steam pressures: 15psi – 150psi

Voltages: 200V, 208/230V, 460V, 575V

Equipment included: Thermal fluid heater, API hot oil pump

Enclosure: Skid mounted for indoor installation. Optional container enclosures available.

Capacities: 10MM BTUs per hour

Output: Up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit

Pressures: Up to 450psi

Fuels: Natural gas, #2 oil, Propane

Deaerators: 30,000 PPH to 150,000 PPH

Heat Exchangers: Steam heat exchanger skids

Water Treatment: Portable boiler water treatment plants

Steam Silencers: Reduce steam noise by up to 80%

Oil Tanks: Boiler fuel oil storage up to 20,000 gallons

Planning for a Rental Boiler? 

Power Mechanical Inc. has been a nationwide leader in boiler rentals for nearly 40 years. We understand that not everything is predictable from job to job. Our experience has successfully managed hundreds of contingencies over the years. Let us bring that expertise to your facility for your next rental boiler need. Be sure and check out this article on planning for a rental boiler, with a free rental boiler checklist to ensure your next rental period is as worry-free as possible. 

If you’re in the market for a rental boiler, it’s important that you’re educating yourself on the entire process.

Oftentimes the need or the decision to rent a boiler is simply an unplanned event. Regardless, being in the know on what to expect, when you’re expecting a rental boiler will ensure that your rental period is as worry-free as possible.

Since 1985, Power Mechanical has been providing facilities with steam and hot water temporary boilers along with auxiliary boiler room rental equipment and accessories for their contingency needs. Our boiler expertise and agile rapid response to your facility needs top the list in why to look no further when looking for a rental boiler company. We service areas such as Virginia, Kentucky, The Gulf Coast, and many more areas.

Navigate Emergencies

Most manufacturing and industrial applications depend on steam from their boilers along with other critical plant equipment. An offline boiler simply is lost production and the cost of this downtime can add up fast. Whether it’s a rental boiler, heat exchanger, circ pump, feed water system or rental deaerator Power Mechanical’s extensive line of rental boiler room products, along with our parts and service team help you through these emergencies. With over 150 rental boilers in our inventory, along with numerous support equipment, Power Mechanical can often times have a complete mobile boiler room on the road to your plant in the same day.


Boiler Installation and purchasing of a new boiler or boilers is a big decision. The planning, permitting, jurisdictional requirements and headache of construction are all factors that come with new construction or boiler replacements. Not to mention the cost that associate with a new boiler.

Oftentimes renting or leasing a boiler can be a much more viable option. When you rent a boiler from Power Mechanical you have the flexibility to start and stop the rental period based on your needs. Many times a temporary boiler can be set up and online in the same day, try that with a replacement boiler.

Plants can also experience increases in production needs where they need supplement steam to meet these demands. A mobile boiler allows the site to meet these needs without the expensive and time-consuming task of new boiler installations. A rental boiler is a flexible option that offers plants to scale as needed for as long as they may need. This is often a much better option than a new boiler installation.

Still think a new or replacement boiler is your best option? We can help there too! Check out our New and Used Boiler inventory from all the top manufacturers.


Boilers are reliable and can last for many decades, considering the proper maintenance and operating procedures are followed. This is an expense that some new production facilities can often overlook. Different size, type and capacity boilers all require different maintenance and having the staff and resources to perform this can be taxing on an organization. When you choose to rent a boiler, a lot of the larger annual maintenance procedures are covered by us. There are still numerous daily boiler safety checks, water chemistry needs and general procedures the site will need to be responsible for.

Our portable boilers are designed for fast convenient connections to your facilities for quick turnaround on getting your production back on-line. Our pre-piped, pre-wired temporary boilers have been relied on for nearly 40 years for steam and hot water supplemental and contingency needs. And if our reputations not enough, let our 24/7 – 365 day per year rental boiler support service convince you. Give us a call today at 1-866-455-0460, We guarantee you will not find a better value in a rental boiler than with Power Mechanical.

  • 60,000 lb/hr Nebraska Boiler

    Trailer mounted Nebraska steam boiler
  • 82,500 lb/hr Nebraska Boiler

    Trailer mounted nebraska steam boiler
  • 75,000 lb/hr Nebraska Boiler

    trailer mounted nebraska steam boiler
  • 75,000 lb/hr Nebraska Boiler

    Trailer mounted nebraska steam boiler
  • 30,000 lb/hr Rental Deaerator

    Rental Boiler Feed System
  • Hot Water Boiler Rentals

    Domestic & Hydronic Hot Water Boiler Rentals
  • 200 HP Mobile Boiler Room

    York-Shipley Mobile Boiler Room

Boiler Rental Company You Can Count On!

We understand the dynamics of emergency boiler rental needs. When your company is in need of a temporary boiler for contingency, emergency, or supplemental needs, our fleet is designed to accommodate. With strategic storage facilities in key locations, Power Mechanical rental boilers can often support rental boiler delivery fast. Whether you are looking for a rental electric boiler, a rental domestic hot water boiler, a skid mounted steam boiler, or a complete mobile boiler room, our fleet is designed to support a multitude of industries. 

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