Mobile Boiler Room Rentals

Mobile Boiler Rooms are complete boiler plants packaged inside of portable weatherproof containers.

All utility connections are easily accessed from the exterior of the container for the fastest possible installation. Inside of the container you will find a pre-piped and pre-wired steam plant that is ready for immediate operation. Our mobile boiler room rentals are backed by 24/7 emergency support to prevent costly downtime for your steam plant.

Mobile boiler room
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All Mobile Boiler Room rentals include:

  • ASME certified Industrial firetube boiler rated for highest efficiency
  • Low emission burner firing natural gas, #2 fuel oil or LPG Propane
  • Boiler feedwater system with steam preheat
  • Twin alternating duplex water softener
  • Chemical injection system
  • Steam stop & check and gate valves
  • Blowdown separator with aftercooler & tempering valve
  • Heated and lighted enclosure

Our Inventory

Our mobile boiler rooms range in size from 25 HP – 800 HP.

25 HP Mobile Boiler

25 HP Mobile Boiler Room

Steam: 862.5 Lbs/Hr
Hot Water: 17-167 GPM
50 HP Mobile Boiler

50 HP Mobile Boiler Room

Steam: 1,725 Lbs/Hr
Hot Water: 33-335 GPM
100 HP Mobile Boiler

100 HP Mobile Boiler Room

Steam: 3,450 Lbs/Hr
Hot Water: 67-670 GPM
200 HP Mobile Boiler

200 HP Mobile Boiler Room

Steam: 6,900 Lbs/Hr
Hot Water: 340-1,340 GPM
350 HP Mobile Boiler

350 HP Mobile Boiler Room

Steam: 12,075 Lbs/Hr
Hot Water: 236-2,350 GPM
800 HP Mobile Boiler

800 HP Mobile Boiler Room

Steam: 27,600 Lbs/Hr
Hot Water: 535-5,350 GPM
Rental Deaerator

Mobile Deaerator Plants

Deaerating Capacity: 30 – 150K Lb/Hr
Water Softening: 150,000 – 600,000 Grains
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