800 HP Mobile Boiler Rooms for Rent

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No small print or fast talking, just affordable boiler rental. Don’t believe us? Shop it out. You will find companies charging more than double Power Mechanical’s rental rates for identical boiler systems. How do we keep our costs so low?
We manufacture the whole system in-house.

800 HP mobile boiler room for rent
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Features & Benefits

We offer 800 HP mobile boiler rooms for rental when customers have really big problems. Total plant failures, natural disasters, explosions… this is the answer. The 800-MBR is an ultra low NOx, 800 HP 250 psi dual-fuel package boiler, 30,000 lb/hr deaerator, 300,000 grain water softener, water chemistry station and blowdown separator all stuffed into a fully insulated 53′ container that is rated for -40°F at an elevation of 5,000′ above sea level. No expense spared. Total redundancy.

Don’t need all the fanciness? Save $10,000 per month in rental boiler cost by renting a 800 HP BoilerBox®

Equipment Specifications
  • Capacity: 800 HP / 27,600 PPH / 26,880,000 BTUs
  • ​Water evaporation (steam): 56 GPM
  • Water circulation (HW): 535 – 5,350 GPM
  • Outputs: Low pressure steam, High pressure steam, Hot water, High temperature hot water
  • Fuels: 
    • Natural Gas / LP: 33,600,000 BTUs / Hr
    • #2 Oil: 239.3 GPH 
  • Voltage: 208-230V, 460V, 480V and 575V
  • Boiler brands: York-Shipley, Cleaver-Brooks, Hurst

Industries Served

  • Power generation
  • High-rise buildings
  • Nuclear power
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil and gas refineries
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