200 HP Mobile Boiler Rooms for Rental

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With other vendors, the boiler gets dropped off and is your problem. If there is a warranty call, you’re likely to get back-charged or even sued. We are the good guys in this business. It’s our job to help you make steam. And we take our job very seriously.
200 HP mobile boiler room for rent
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Features & Benefits
Our line of 200 HP portable boiler plants are ready to ship at a moment’s notice to get your facility back online. The 200-MBR is designed to serve a wide variety of applications with just one system. One boiler is capable of delivering steam operating pressures of 15psi, 150psi, 200psi, 250psi or 300psi. The same boiler can also produce hot water, domestic hot water or high temperature hot water (HTHW). In the same trailer, we’ve integrated feed systems and deaerators, circulating pumps, blowdown tanks, oil tanks, electric heaters, water samplers and more. That’s a lot of versatility.
Equipment Specifications
  • Capacity: 200 BHP / 6,900 PPH / 6,720,000 BTUs
  • ​Water evaporation (steam): 14 GPM
  • Water circulation (HW): 340 – 1340 GPM
  • Outputs: Low pressure steam, High pressure steam, Hot water, High temperature hot water
  • Fuels: 
    • Natural Gas / LP: 4,200,000 BTUs / Hr
    • #2 Oil: 30 GPH 
  • Voltage: 208-230V, 460V, 480V and 575V
  • Boiler brands: York-Shipley, Cleaver-Brooks, Hurst

Industries Served

  • Fish production
  • Correctional facilities
  • Governmental & municipal use
  • Tank car cleaning
  • Poultry processing
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