Domestic Hot Water Rental

Power Mechanical stocks DHW rental systems for immediate shipment.

We keep an inventory of specialty rental equipment just for domestic hot water projects. When a large hotel, residential complex or correctional facility loses their domestic hot water, things can get ugly fast. No domestic hot water = cold showers, no laundry service and no dishwashing. This is bad on all fronts. Luckily we have all of the equipment you need to get your facility back up and running right now.

Hot water rental
Rental DHW in Stock
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Our Inventory

Specialized domestic hot water equipment for temporary rental.

Domestic hot water rental boiler

DHW Mobile Boiler Rooms

Fully enclosed, lighted & heated Up to 10MM BTU capacity
Domestic hot water heat exchanger

DHW Heat Exchangers

Double & single-wall construction Flow up to 800GPM
Domestic hot water storage tank

DHW Storage Tanks

Skid-mounted with valve trim Storage capacity up to 7,000 gallons
Direct fired domestic hot water heater

DHW Direct Fired Heaters

Natural gas, #2 oil & electrically fired Flow rates up to 10,000 GPH
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