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We are the Steam Nation, and our mission is to provide rapid support for steam and chilled water users around the world.

Power Mechanical was founded in 1985 by Rick and Sonja Reuter.

The company originally began as a mechanical contractor serving the Tidewater region of Virginia. Building upon their previous experience in the boiler industry, Rick and Sonja later shifted the company toward specializing in steam and hot water boilers. Decades later, we have evolved into one of the leading suppliers of boiler equipment in the United States.

Environmental Impact

Power Mechanical is working hard to protect our planet.

Because we rent and sell boilers and chillers all over the world, we are required to comply with strict environmental legislation. But more importantly, we go above and beyond. We set our own standards.

We have a four layered approach to positively impacting the environment:

1. Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) reduction
2. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) elimination
3. Energy efficiency
4. Clean fuel conversions

Power Mechanical is reducing NOx emissions every single day

NOx is formed during the combustion process of a boiler, automobile engine or any other internal combustion process. It is formed inside of a flame when Nitric Oxide (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) combine. NOx leaves a car’s tail pipe or boiler’s exhaust stack and enters our troposphere. In the troposphere it encounters sunlight and forms smog. NOx has also been linked to acid rain. 

We feel a strong responsibility to take action on this matter. As a manufacturer,  a reseller, and an owner of over 100 boilers in service, we are poised to make a positive impact on NOx reduction.

  1. Induced flue gas recirculation (I-FGR) retrofits
  2. Low NOx burners
  3. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)

Power Mechanical is focused on replacing ozone depleting CFCs

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) can cause damage to the Earth’s protective ozone layer when released. These chemicals are most often used as refrigerants in industrial chillers and air conditioners.

We are taking a top down approach to reducing the amount of CFCs in use. Starting with refrigerant R-11 (100% ozone depletion potential) and ending with R-22 (5% ozone depletion potential), we are converting chillers to use environmentally friendly refrigerants. ​

We have successfully eliminated 100% of our R-11 and R-12 usage and are now in the process of developing retrofits for R-22 and R-134a chillers. These retrofits will be available on all of our used chillers in 2017. Our goal is to offer a high performance, comprehensive environmental solution for chiller users all over the world.

Power Mechanical is working to maximize the efficiency of industrial boilers

Regardless of whether your boiler burns clean fuel or not, one thing is for certain: Burning less fuel is better. We work in industries where fuel bills can easily exceed $1,000,000 per month. Achieving maximum efficiency not only results in profitability, but also a better environment.

We’re working hard to engineer custom, efficient solutions for each of our customers. Because we are an end-user, manufacturer, rental company and repair company, we have a deep understanding of the need for energy efficiency. Let’s work together to drive fuel expenses down and drive efficiency up. Check out some of our boiler efficiency products:

  1. Condensing and non-condensing economizers
  2. High efficiency burner retrofits
  3. Boiler tube scale prevention

Power Mechanical is helping industry transition to clean fuels

Throughout history, industrial boilers have been one of the United States’ largest consumers of coal and distillate fuel oils. Although legislation has prevented new installation of uncontrolled emission boilers, thousands remain in service under the protection of grandfather clauses.

We regularly work with owners of these high emission boilers to provide affordable clean fuel conversions. We offer high ROI retrofit systems which provide a platform for change in American industry. If a complete plant conversion is cost prohibitive, we design high impact, low cost alternatives by utilizing our clean fuel conversion product offerings:

  1. Oil to natural gas burner retrofit kits
  2. Solid fuel to natural gas burner retrofit kits
  3. Conversion of fossil fuel burners to digester/landfill gas, bagasse or other renewable fuel sources


Power Mechanical is dedicated to supporting its local community.

Power Mechanical’s dedication to empowering others reaches far beyond the walls of the business. Since 1985, we have been a strong supporter of our local community through financial and hands-on assistance for those in need. Although our efforts are diverse, we feel an especially strong calling to help children & young adults in need of a mentor. Our other focal areas include equine rescue and restoring dignity & safety to the homeless. 

​Interested in working together to improve our community? Please contact us and let us know how we can help.

Recent Efforts

Training Equipment

Who: Local students with ambitions to work in the HVAC field
Where: Hampton, VA
What: Power Mechanical donated a Carrier air cooled chiller and York-Shipley package boiler for students to tear down in an effort to better understand mechanical equipment.
Why: HVAC and trade school students can benefit greatly by going hands-on with real mechanical equipment, but in an environment where they do not have to worry about making mistakes. We strongly believe that there is no better way to learn than to dig in and get your hands dirty. 

Classroom Donation

Who: Local elementary school students
Where: Smithfield, VA and Newport News, VA
What: Power Mechanical has donated new classrooms to multiple elementary schools in the Tidewater area.
Why: We believe that creativity flourishes in a positive, state-of-the-art environment. Helping to improve the quality of childrens’ education is an honor, and we are thankful to our local schools for allowing us to contribute. 

Supporting local Parishes

Who: Local churches
Where: Multiple cities in Virginia
What: Power Mechanical has donated bell towers to local parishes.
Why: Power Mechanical is proud to be built on faith. Church bells are meant to serve as a call to praise God through your actions and your prayers. Designing, fabricating and erecting bell towers has allowed us to spread our core value of faith within the local community.

Equine Rescue

Who: Over 500 (and counting!) injured, abused & neglected horses
Where: All throughout the intercontinental United States
What: Power Mechanical has donated feed, real estate, financial assistance and infrastructure to assist in the rehabilitation of horses. 
Why: Our local community is filled with great people who are passionately devoted to rescuing animals such as dogs and cats. However larger animals presented a problem for volunteers because of their size, cost to rehabilitate and land requirements. We have worked side-by-side with an incredible team of volunteers to provide the infrastructure they need to make the difference that they work so hard to achieve. 


Who: Local young men and women 
Where: Hampton Roads, VA 
What: Power Mechanical’s leadership team provides mentorship to those in need of a helping hand.
Why: We believe that many people want to improve their lives but do not know where to get started. We proudly coach and mentor these great people, to help get them back on the path that they were born to take. 


Power Mechanical puts safety first
Working on boilers is a tough and dangerous job. We promote safety in all areas of our company to ensure that our team gets home safe to their families every single day. Check out some of our recent accomplishments.
Investment into new safety equipment in 2017.
Investment into safety training in 2017.
Reduction in workplace incidents since 2012.

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