New 800 HP CBLE 125psi Hot Water


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B614 is a low NOx 800 HP 125psi Hot Water CBLE model natural gas fired boiler made by Cleaver-Brooks. It was purchased for a project but never installed or put into service.

Capacity: 800 HP
Pressure: 125 psi Hot Water
Manufacturer: Cleaver‐Brooks
Design: 4‐Pass Dryback

​Model: CBI-700‐800-125
Burner: Low Emission 30ppm NOx integral CB burner
Fuel(s): Natural gas ‐ conversions available upon request
Original year of manufacture: 2000
​Condition: New-surplus with 1 year factory warranty

Serial # OL100489
Natural Gas input: 32,658,500 BTU/Hr
Voltage: 480V / 3-Phase / 60 Hz
Min. Circuit Ampacity: 121 amps
Blower motor: 75 HP

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