800 HP CBI 150psi

B570, B571 & B572 are 800 HP Cleaver-Brooks CBI-200-800 model 150psi used boilers. These boilers were rebuilt in 2009 with 9ppm ultra Low NOx CB Profire NTS336LGA-09S-1P burners. The CBI 800 model from Cleaver-Brooks is a 3-pass wetback design with “gun style” burners. These units’ Profire burners are configured to burn natural gas & #2 oil but can be retrofitted to burn a wide variety of fuels, including #6 bunker or heavy oil, LP propane or even digester / landfill gas.

Status: Available
Quantity Available: 3
Capacity: 800 HP / 27,600 PPH
Pressure: 150psi Steam
Manufacturer: Cleaver‐Brooks
Design: 3‐Pass Wetback

​Model: CBI-200‐800
Burner: 9ppm NOx Cleaver-Brooks Profire

​Manufactured and installed in 2009

Fuel(s): Natural gas & #2 Oil ‐ conversions available upon request
Shell years: 1994
​Condition: Refurbished with 1 year warranty

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