Industrial Valve Maintenance

| Edward McKellar

Mechanical rooms rely on valves for numerous operations and processes. From boiler rooms, pump facilities, chilled water plants to simply valves for building zones, these components are critical for controlling fluids or gases to successfully operate. Different valves may have different maintenance and monitoring requirements. Incorporating all critical valves into a maintenance program will ensure your facilities experience less downtime.

Valves are an integral part of every boiler room. It’s not uncommon for a typical mechanical room to have hundreds of valves within it. From controlling fluids, preventing over-pressurization, and ensuring steam only goes where intended, valves are critical to keeping plants at their peak. Typical valves that we see in our boiler rooms are ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, and we can’t forget the safety and relief valves.

Industrial Valve Maintenance Valve Maintenance

These installed valves are regularly being opened and closed, whether manually or by automation, and it is important that they are getting their recommended maintenance checks and procedures. This could include lubrication requirements, packing replacements and torque checks, and tightening. As always it’s important to refer to manufactures data to ensure proper valve maintenance is being conducted.


Industrial ValveValve Maintenance for Industrial

Valve technicians perform bench tests on these types of safety valves and set them based on ASME section requirements. After the valve is set and tested, each valve will then receive a new certification.

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