Power Mechanical’s line of fiberglass TTEF model cooling towers are designed for applications with serious cooling requirements. Our 1,000 ton rental towers are designed for modular connection, resulting in a potentially infinite total capacity. We have integrated custom features for the fastest setup, most efficient operation and highest turndown ratios. Whether you are cooling 3,000 gpm for a skyscraper’s comfort cooling load, or 15,000 gpm for nuclear power applications, we have you covered.
1,000 ton cooling tower module for rent
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Features & Benefits

  • Modular cooling tower cells
  • Fiberglass construction
  • PLC staging controls
  • Cross-flow, vertical discharge design

Industries Served

  • Nuclear power
  • Utility companies
  • Oil exploration
  • ​Governmental

Equipment Specifications

  • Water inlet: 14″ 150# Flange
  • Water outlet: 14″ 150# Flange
  • Flow: 3,000 – 15,000 gal per min.
  • 369″L x 224″W x 228″H
    • Weight: 14,000 Lbs (Dry)

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