Sell Your Used Boilers and Chillers

Power Mechanical buys used boilers and chillers
regardless of how old or what condition.

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We add value to your contracting project.

We have added millions of dollars in value to demolition and mechanical contractors’ projects all over the world. Cash payments were made for equipment that would have otherwise been demolished and trashed. Thousands of labor hours have been saved by allowing our rigging crews to handle equipment removal.

We believe in partnerships.

We believe in fair, mutually beneficial business relationships. When we partner with a contractor to purchase their salvage equipment, we do so with a focus on the long term relationship between our organizations. Payment is made up front, insurance policies are taken out with the contractor and facility listed as insured, rigging plans are submitted for approval. We are a professional organization and conduct ourselves like professionals before, during and after the job is completed.

We are safe on your jobsite.

When Power Mechanical removes equipment from your jobsite, you can expect a team of talented, well trained professionals. We take extreme care to cause no damage to your facility whether removing a cabinet of spare parts or a 150,000 pound piece of equipment. Safety is our #1 priority and we spare no expense to make sure that our jobs are done in a safe, controlled manner.

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