Rental Boilers at Disney World

Epcot Center Disney in Orlando Florida

Walt Disney World, the beloved theme park and resort located near Orlando Florida, has been a fan favorite attraction for decades. Since the Fall of 1971, kids and adults alike have flocked to the Sunshine state to experience the magic. Disney World is marked as one of the most visited resorts globally with an average annual attendance of nearly 60 million guests.

Disney World prides itself on creating the absolute best experience for guests while at their resorts. With a complex ambient sound system, impeccable cleanliness, unique (and effective) bug control, and even the use of various scents being pumped into different areas, the organization ensures that every measure is considered to give their guest the absolute best experience.

Recent upgrades and renovations throughout several of Disney’s resorts and hotels presented a need for temporary hot water boilers to provide domestic hot water for guest rooms. Domestic hot water, also referred to as potable water, is essential in settings like hotels and restaurants where showers, tubs, sinks, and other applications involving human contact with heated water are required. 

Rental Electric Boilers are used for hotels, hospitals and resorts

With the entertainment company’s commitment to detail and experience for visitors, one particular boiler was painted to match the surrounding structures then nestled amongst rows of planters making it a lot less noticeable. Applications like this one usually rely on portable electric boilers ensuring there are zero emissions and zero noise.

Temporary steam boilers were used in service areas such as laundry, kitchen, and other various heating or steam needs. With a wide selection of mobile boilers for near any steam or hot water application, Power Mechanical was honored to be a part of keeping the resorts their best during their planned outages.

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