How to Prepare Your Rental Boiler

December 3, 2020

It is extremely important when preparing a rental boiler, to take all possible complications into account as adequately preparing can save your company thousands of dollars and tons of headaches. While some problems are difficult to predict or can arise out of nowhere, the preparation process can eliminate those problems altogether or, at the very least, lead to an easier solution when unforeseen issues do arise.

Sometimes a boiler will malfunction and, because they play such an important role for many industries, this can shut down a business in its entirety for days or even weeks. Don’t let your business suffer because you didn’t prepare your rental boiler properly.

The Best Place for Your Rental Boiler

When you’re picking out a place to park your boiler, you have to consider that the side panels need to be accessible. Make sure that wherever you decide to set your boiler has plenty of room.

When we’re talking about fuel and the oil tank, you should take the following into consideration:

  • Where you’re going to put an oil tank
  • Your consumption rate
  • How big of a tank you’re going to need
  • Ensure that fuel lines can reach it

You should also consider that in certain parts of the country, you’re going to need to freeze-protect those fuel lines.

More on Rental Boiler Freeze Protection

You have to be mindful about freeze protection with any of your side lines. The wintertime is boiler season, but it’s also the season where freeze protection is most critical. For a boilers safe operation, the boiler’s insulation, heat trace, and unit heater should be checked daily.

Your unit heater has a thermostatic setting where they’re supposed to come on automatically. Keep a close eye on that as it protects the boiler. In the event that the boiler goes down, it ensures that your lines don’t freeze up.

When your rental boiler arrives, there’s going to be some setup requirements on top of the boiler that you need to be mindful of. You have a stack hat that’s going to go up there, there are relief valves that need to be connected, and there are also scalloped plates that go in certain areas that are basically like weather covers. So for one, you need to be able to get the equipment up there as well as the manpower to connect it. Sometimes a ladder may not be enough; in certain cases, you may need to have a lift on hand.

The leveling and cribbing of these boilers are also critical steps because a lot of these safeties rely on the boiler being level for effective operation.

Power Mechanical rental boilers are brought in and ready for a quick setup if you have a rental boiler connection. All you need to do is establish that the connection has a line for city water supply, a steam or hot water connection, and an electrical connection.

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