Follow these simple steps to increase boiler efficiency

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to a boiler. The idea is to produce heat from the burner and transfer these BTUs into the water. This is what’s known as a basic heat exchange principle. The quicker the boiler can transfer the heat (while using less fuel) the more efficient overall it’s operating. There are numerous strategies and components that plants can deploy to up their efficiency rating. Some of these can be very complex and costly additions, whereas some tactics can be quick and super effective. Here are five quick strategies that can save your facility’s fuel cost almost instantly: 

  • Fireside & Waterside Inspections – As mentioned above the heat exchange relies on the fireside and waterside being in optimum shape. Scale and soot accumulations decrease heat transfer, thus increasing fuel consumption. Schedule a boiler open, clean, and close annually to ensure your boiler is performing its best!
  • Combustion Tuning – Fall will be here before we know it. As the temperature of air changes so does its density. Having a combustion tune performed on your industrial burner in the Spring & Fall is the best practice for ensuring your burner is optimized for its regular firing rate. 
  • Economizers – This may not be a simple, quick addition to your equipment, however adding an economizer to your boilers stack can have exponential savings. 
  • Gauges & Thermometers – The simplest approach to knowing your boiler’s efficiency is having accurate gauges and thermometers installed and actually monitoring them. Gauges and thermometers give us the vital signs of our systems. Large swings or differentials could indicate where further investigation may be needed to prevent an even bigger problem. 
  • Properly Trained Personnel – Operators and maintenance personnel can effectively save a plant thousands annually by understanding the safety, operations, and maintenance needs of a system. A reliable, efficient plant depends on reliable efficient decision-making and planning with effective teams. Get your facility personnel trained today with Power Mechanical Inc. Steam School

An efficiently operating boiler plant is not rocket science. There are some simple approaches to ensuring your system is operating its best. 

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