How Electric Boilers Work

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Boilers rely on combustion for the means of heat but not all boilers need gas or oil combustion to create this heated energy. Electric boilers are an alternative source for steam applications where constraints such as space or noise exist.

Organizations like hospitals, museums, resorts, and universities may use these when they are confined to an area for equipment but also where stack gases or excessive noise could be a problem. Some organizations may choose an electric boiler for the simple fact that they come with fewer permitting requirements for their jurisdiction, especially for a temporary project. With electric boilers not emitting stacked gases, certain codes and compliances, typical for gas and oil fire units, basically become not applicable.

The unit uses only electricity as its energy source, meaning there is no need for exhaust stacks or combustion air and so, of course, emissions are not a concern.

The boilers come in low and high-pressure steam and hot water as well. Some of our rental skids are actually complete packages with a feed tank, feed pump, blowdown separator, and boiler all in one skid and it offers a simple plug-and-play design.

Electric boilers are rated in kilowatts instead of the standard horsepower or BTU rating that gas and oil fire boilers are rated in. 9.8 kilowatts in equivalent to one boiler horsepower.

In the video below, we will take you inside of an electric boiler to see the different parts and how they work together.

As with any other pressure vessel, regular inspections of the inside are necessary. These electric boilers should be opened, cleaned, and closed at a minimum of once per year. With our rental electric boilers, we have found that keeping one to two spare elements, several element gaskets, fuses, and a few contactors is good practice for having these spare parts on hand.

While electric boilers don’t have quite the reputation for steam production that gas and oil fire boilers do, electric boilers are commonly used in industry for numerous different process needs. If your facility needs a temporary steam or hot water boiler, give us a call today. We are confident you will not find a better value on your rental project.

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