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When Boiler MACT (BMACT) and Boiler GACT (BGACT) take effect, you need a partner you can trust

As the United States’ largest private owner and operator of individually fired steam and hot water boilers, Power Mechanical is forced to stay at the forefront of national emission standards and the latest boiler regulations being proposed and promulgated in Washington. When Boiler MACT and Boiler GACT regulations are strictly enforced, who do you want to represent you?

Power Mechanical employs a staff of fully trained Boiler MACT and Boiler GACT professionals ready to assist you in wading through the paperwork and scare tactics of boiler manufacturers. Power Mechanical is focused on eliminating MACT confusion for our clients and providing answers on how to bring your boiler plant into compliance with the new regulations.

Power Mechanical: A trusted partner for MACT & GACT consulting.

Consider Power Mechanical to assist with BMACT & BGACT planning for the following reasons:

  • No conflict of interest: Manufacturers’ representatives across the country are seeking to pin their customers against the wall by leveraging the confusion of MACT regulations to sell unnecessary emission upgrade equipment. Power Mechanical represents no manufacturer, only its clients. We will offer clients a wide-range of options and brands to bring their plants under MACT guidelines for the lowest cost possible.
  • A solution for all situations:  Power Mechanical has you covered from consultation, to equipment sales, to installation, to emission monitoring. We also stand by our customers with the nation’s largest fleet of MACT & GACT compliant rental boilers in case your plant is shut down for lack of compliance.
  • Decades of experience: Power Mechanical has guided clients through the confusion of emission regulation for decades. From the first years of boiler NOx regulations to the current implementation of MACT, Power Mechanical has stood by its clients as a “go-to” partner for clear cut answers.

How can you prepare for the upcoming regulations?

Determine which major category of regulations will apply to your boiler plant.

The first step in preparing for the upcoming regulations on boiler control technology is to determine which major category of regulations will apply to your plant. Power Mechanical will conduct an audit of your plant to determine whether your plant falls under the standards of major source of hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions as codified in 40 CFR 63 Subpart DDDDD or an area source of HAPs as codified under 40 CFR 63 Subpart JJJJJ. The EPA estimates that 13,840 exiting boilers will be subject to major source laws (boiler MACT regulations) and over 183,000 existing boilers will fall under the area source category (boiler GACT regulations). Boiler MACT and GACT implementation and enforcement is estimated to cost boiler plants in the United States more than $20 billion over the first five years of implementation.

Determine the subcategory of regulations you will be subjected to.

Boiler MACT and Boiler GACT subcategories are defined by a set of subcategories based upon the following:

  • Fuel subcategories: Biomass, coal, oil, gas or combinations thereof
  • New or existing source designation, as defined by MACT and GACT cut-off dates
  • Capacity ratings: MACT designated classes of boiler capacities as measured in millions of BTUs per hour

Power Mechanical offers affordable audit services to help navigate the often murky waters of boiler plant categorization and can assist in conforming your plant to MACT and GACT exclusions, potentially saving you millions.

Determine your plant’s required cut-off date for MACT & GACT compliance.

The EPA’s enforcement dates for Boiler MACT and Boiler GACT have changed multiple times, as well as its level of regulatory power on industry. You need a partner that can cut through the red tape of boiler regulation and get you answers on what must be done to bring your plant into compliance, for the smallest amount of money possible.

Power Mechanical’s team of BMACT and BGACT professionals can formulate a strategy and timeline for conforming your plant to new governmental regulatory standards while not spending one single unnecessary dollar on upgrades that are not needed. By conducting an audit of your plant and guiding you through these dynamic, often confusing, regulations, we will be your single source trusted partner for both current and future government imposed boiler plant pollutant regulations.

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