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Planning for a Rental Boiler

When the need for a rental boiler arises it can seem like an overwhelming task. If your facility has never used a rental boiler, it can be especially intimidating. The good news is that there are very few boiler and related equipment rental projects that Power Mechanical Inc. has not seen over the years. With nearly 40 years of service in the rental boiler industry, our company has the experience to have your next (or first) rental project go as smoothly as possible. 

If your site has never had the need to rent a boiler then there are several things to be mindful of prior to your boiler arriving. Proper planning along with the right resources is key to having a successful boiler rental and startup. Also, be sure and download our free rental boiler checklist to simplify your next rental project. 

Large Capacity boilers will require more complex set-up procedures. Proper planning is key!

Here are a few components to ensure you consider when planning for your rental boiler:  

  • Location, Location, Location – It’s been said time and time again that location is everything. When it comes to a temporary boiler this is one of the most important things to consider. Mobile boilers need a sufficient amount of space for parking, connection, and proper operations. While oftentimes there may not be a lot of options on where the boiler needs to be set up, there are some considerations that should be followed. 
    • Solid level surfaces are needed for the boiler. The safeties and controls of a boiler rely on level ground. Keep in mind the flooded weight of the boiler and all components and ensure the ground can support it for extended periods. Cribbing will be needed to put the finishing touches on leveling however, the ground should be within about six inches of level across the entire plane. 
    • Accessibility is important to remember on your temporary boiler. The rental boiler is likely to sit next to a building or mechanical room so keep in mind any doors or accesses to the enclosure for startup and routine maintenance purposes. It’s a good rule of thumb to plan for approximately 8′ around each side of the enclosed boiler and trailer. 
    • When boilers are being used around offices, condos, or apartments, be considerate of boiler stacks and the associated sounds of boiler operations. If alternatives are available, it’s best to park these boilers in areas less conspicuous. Our rental boilers are equipped with low NOx low emissions burners to minimize stack gases, however, emission should always be considered. Evaluate the area to ensure there are no air-intakes within proximity that may cause air quality issues. Sites that may have concerns about excessive noise or stack gases often utilize rental electric boilers which eliminate both entirely. 
    • Fencing could be required to keep pedestrians at safe distances from your rental equipment. The location and runs of hot steam pipes and other associated hoses or piping need to be considered when setting up your rental boiler. 

Rental Boilers are available in a wide range of capacities and pressures. 

  • Setup & Connections – The temporary boiler will usually have some degree of setup and assembly required. Having the proper equipment along with personnel to complete the connections will be necessary. Oftentimes forklifts, booms, personnel lifts, and even cranes may be necessary to complete your setup. Smaller units usually have lesser requirements whereas the large boilers will require stack hats, safety valves, non-return, and steam valves affixed to the top of the rental boiler. Plan accordingly for a seamless connection. 
  • Start-Up for Your Boiler Rental – Ensure that your start-up date is planned with your rental coordinator. Everything will need to be properly connected and must be verified before the boiler can be started. The boiler must be able to go through its entire firing sequence at start-up for a complete analysis. Ensure that the plant can receive the steam load or have a plan for releasing the steam. Steam silencers or steam shedders are often used in these scenarios so the boiler can go into its maximum firing rate. 

The different classes of rental boilers will each require different needs and considerations. This is intended as a guide and will hopefully get you off to a great start when preparing for your boiler rental. We’ve created a rental boiler checklist that will help to simplify the process even more. You can download our free boiler rental checklist here

Renting a boiler may seem like an overwhelming task yet with proper planning, good resources, and the right partnership it’s not as complex as it may seem. Give us a call today and let us handle the details for your next rental boiler project. 1-877-764-7832

Rental Boilers and accesories are used in a variety of facilities for supplemental or emergency steam and hot water. 

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