Monitoring Boilers for Hotspots

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Boilers are an essential but volatile part of any warehouse or power plant. Regular inspections are essential for the safety of your crew and catching small problems early is crucial in preventing bigger ones.

This is especially true for hot spots on your industrial boiler. When your machine can get up to 212°F, they’re inevitable! However, if you know what causes them and what to look out for, you’re sure to catch them in your regular inspections.

What causes boiler hotspots?

Generally, hotspots are caused by a buildup of coke inside the tubes. Coke is made up of carbonaceous components and can create a layer of hard deposits on your boilers. It is highly insulating and can therefore increase the temperature of your boilers. Since it’s inside the tubes, it can be hard to detect.

Other reasons for hotspots could be lower flow rate than designed for high firing rates, flame impingement leading to overheating on certain sections of the tube, or incorrect flame orientation.

How do I recognize a hotspot?

Regular inspections of your boiler can help prevent many problems, just make sure temperature checks are in your regime. Hotspots will appear anywhere there’s a refractory, such as the rear door of your boiler.

How can I gauge hotspots?

The rear door will be your point of contact to know if your boiler has a hot spot. One indication is the discoloration or blistering of paint, but by then it might be too late to take action. To get in front of any potential major issues, use a thermal thermal imager pointed at the rear door of your boiler about every 3 months.

What if I catch a hot spot too late?

With such a high-temperature, large machine, taking action is crucial for the safety of your facility. If catastrophic failure appears imminent, it’s crucial to remove the boiler from your plant or repair it immediately. Fortunately, Power Mechanical can do both! We’ll remove your boiler, replace it with a tested rental, and repair your boiler. If it’s too far gone, we have plenty of gently used or brand new boilers to purchase.

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