Mobile Boiler room

Mobile Boiler Room Advantages

Mobile boilers are rapidly becoming more and more popular amongst facilities that rely on consistent steam and hot water. Whether an outage is planned or not, temporary boilers offer the agility to get systems back online in considerably less time. Brick and mortar plants primarily provide these steam and hot water needs, but more and more organizations are looking to mobile boiler plants to cover situations where capacities less than 1200 HP may be needed.

Here are four key reasons why a mobile boiler room could be the best option for your facility’s next boiler purchase. 

  • Fully Customizable – Mobile boilers are built to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a 10 HP low-pressure steam boiler, or an 800 HP high-pressure steam plant with a deaerator, blowdown separator, and chemical feed system, plants can be built to meet all of the needs of a facility. Systems can be designed with desired features, accessories, and controls along with preferred burner management systems (BMS) like Siemens LMV, AutoFlame Mk8, or the Fireye Nexus. 
  • Fully Mobile – The name itself says it all. Mobile boilers are….. well…. mobile! Organizations may have shifting capacity needs that make the use of a boiler that is easy to transport between facilities a sound choice. With quick connection capabilities, mobile boilers can get sites back online or up and running with increased capacity in as little as a few hours. When it comes to critical equipment like boilers, time is money.
  • Reduced Permitting – Jurisdictional requirements for building a brick and mortar plant can vary from place to place. Adding the element of a pressure vessel with complex engineering to the mix could substantially extend planning and construction time. Permitting requirements are usually reduced when it comes to the use of a mobile boiler. Temporary boiler rooms are completely safe and built to strict ASME standards along with any local or state requirements.
  • Reduced Time for Construction – Getting systems online as fast as possible is major reason decision-makers choose mobile boiler rooms. When systems are down, that means operations are offline or the plant is depending on a rental boiler. With less time needed for construction and permitting, a mobile boiler room can have operations up in significantly less time compared to new construction.

If your facility is considering a new boiler for replacement or mobility purposes, contact us today. We have been in the boiler business for nearly four decades. Because we’ve designed hundreds of mobile units for our own rental fleet, we know what owners and operators are looking for in their temporary boilers. When it comes to mobile boilers nobody does it like us, and we mean nobody! 

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