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Planning for a Rental Boiler

| Edward McKellar
Planning for a Rental Boiler When the need for a rental boiler arises it can seem like an overwhelming task. If your facility has never used a rental boiler, it can be especially intimidating. The good news is that there are very few boiler and related equipment rental projects that Power Mechanical Inc. has not […]

Mobile Boiler Room Advantages

| Edward McKellar
Mobile Boiler Room Advantages Mobile boilers are rapidly becoming more and more popular amongst facilities that rely on consistent steam and hot water. Whether an outage is planned or not, temporary boilers offer the agility to get systems back online in considerably less time. Brick and mortar plants primarily provide these steam and hot water […]

Industrial Pump Maintenance

| Power Mechanical
Industrial Pump Maintenance Pumps play a critical role inside our mechanical rooms, providing boiler feed water, chilled water circulation, fuel oil supply, fire suppression, condensate return, and much more. Facilities are filled with all types of pumps that keep these systems online. With these pumps being such a critical factor for facilities, it’s important to […]

Rental Boilers at Disney World

| Power Mechanical
Rental Boilers at Disney World Walt Disney World, the beloved theme park and resort located near Orlando Florida, has been a fan favorite attraction for decades. Since the Fall of 1971, kids and adults alike have flocked to the Sunshine state to experience the magic. Disney World is marked as one of the most visited […]

How to Increase Boiler Efficiency

| Power Mechanical
Follow these simple steps to increase boiler efficiency Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to a boiler. The idea is to produce heat from the burner and transfer these BTUs into the water. This is what’s known as a basic heat exchange principle. The quicker the boiler can transfer the heat […]

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