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Boiler Rentals in Texas

| Edward McKellar
The last two years have been banner years for our Texas rental boiler market. One of our corporate goals for the year 2021 was to extend our rental fleet further into the Lonestar state. And as the old saying goes, “Go big, or Go home!” We went BIG during this period.  The last 24 months […]

Replacing a Boiler Sight Glass

| Edward McKellar
The Boilers Gauge Glass The boilers gauge glass or sight glass as some may refer to it is an essential boiler room component. Boiler gauge glasses give operators a visual indication of the boiler’s water level along with an understanding of what’s occurring inside the boiler, or how the boiler is responding to certain changes […]

Effective Boiler Plant Management

| Edward McKellar
How to Optimize Boiler Room Effectiveness  At Power Mechanical Inc. there are two things that we love, building boilers, and building people. That being said anyone with even a short tenure around our company is quite familiar with many of the leading self-development titles like Zig Ziglar’s “See You at the Top”, “Think & Grow Rich” by renowned author […]

Boiler Level & How It Impacts Performance

| Edward McKellar
Boilers absolutely must be operated on level surfaces-  Seems a fairly obvious statement right? Boilers rely on being level in order to ensure both safe and proper operations. This is especially true with mobile boilers that are delivered and connected outside and then face changes in site conditions.  Surprisingly it’s not uncommon to find where […]

Basics of Tuning the Combustion of a Boiler

| Edward McKellar
Combustion tuning of an industrial boiler is critical for continued efficient and effective boiler operations. When is the best time to perform a combustion tune of a boiler? First things first, there is no set standard on when a boilers combustion tuning needs to be performed. Daily monitoring of the burner’s performance will give operators […]

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