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Combustion Tuning

Basics of Tuning the Combustion of a Boiler

| Edward McKellar
When is the best time to perform a combustion tune of a boiler? First things first, there is no set standard on when a boilers combustion tuning needs to be performed. Daily monitoring of the burner’s performance will give operators the best indication of when a combustion tune is needed. Regardless of the performance results, […]
Oxygen Pitting Prevention

Deaerators – Oxygen Pitting Prevention

| Edward McKellar
Oxygen present in boiler feed water is a killer for the tubes of a boiler. Water contains many elements that can either accumulate or erode the metal surfaces inside of a firetube boiler. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are present in most water sources and, when heated, the corrosive nature of these dissolved gases increases. As […]
Rental Boiler Freeze Protection

Boiler Freeze Protection

| Edward McKellar
Wintertime has arrived and it is in full force in many parts of the nation. With temperatures plummeting in many regions across the United States it’s critical to ensure that everyone is mindful of freeze protection. The winter months can bring brutally cold temperatures throughout many parts of the country. Areas in the Northeast where many rental […]
Boiler Feed Pump Rotation 3

Pump Rotation

| Edward McKellar
Redundancy is a term often used in mechanical and boiler room design. Redundancy is simply a reliability measure that is factored in when designing systems to ensure that should something fail, be in regeneration mode, being maintained or the like, there is a backup. Boilers rely on sufficient and reliable feedwater supply. Thus it is […]
Boiler Sight Glass for Low Water Monitoring

Managing Low Water In A Steam Boiler

| Edward McKellar
A low water situation in a boiler is a potentially catastrophic situation. Data consistently supports that the majority of boiler accidents are a result of varying low water situations. When a low water condition begins in a boiler it can begin damaging the boiler even before there is an immediately noticeable problem. If the condition […]

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